Members: the gang so far

My machines

(Other members’ machines below)

Felicity 1952


This was my first Featherweight, bought in Geneva’s flea market, on a Wednesday morning, on the way back from giving a lecture.

Edith 1946


Edith, the name of my other grandmother, joined the family from Bern. I travelled to pick her up from a lady who had got her from a family member, but she didn’t think she’d use her. I was happy to offer her a home.

Mr Darcy


I had thought that I was going to pick up another little 221 when I drove off to an address in the Canton de Vaud. But on arrival, it was clear that this was Mr Darcy, a proud 222 needed serious attention. His belt was frayed, he couldn’t switch off, and he needed oodles of oil and lubrication. But he soon settled down.

Mr Bingley

Mr Bingley came, rather bravely, through the post from the Swiss German part of Switzerland, after I rashly felt sorry for him online. He was carefully wrapped, and with a multitude of useful parts. But so far his motor seems shot, so he is in dear need of some TLC. When I have time to get to him, I will take a decent picture.

Ms No-Name-Yet 1947

This little lovely is going to get painted. Her motor needs some care, however, as it seems currently stuck.

Members’ machines

Lizzie 1947

Lizzie belongs to Miss R, who lives near Geneva. She got given a new foot because her original one didn’t come with her, and was broken. She’s a bit embarassed about it, but since nobody around here is a snob, we all still love her dearly.

Sally 1952

Sally lives in the UK with Ms L, and is the first international member of the Swiss Featherweight Club. Her owner is a prize-winning sewer and quilter, and she used to live in Switzerland.

221K 1947

She now lives with Ms C, in the Canton de Vaud. She sits close to a treadle, but I’m not sure whether they are friends yet.

Unnamed 1955

She is not quite ready to tell us her name yet, but Ms Ch went all the way to the UK to adopt her.


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