How many is too many?

My office / sewing room is starting to fill up with little black boxes…

I started with one 221 machine, which was then joined by two. A third one I could justify: I was going to sell it. But then I couldn’t face it, and found reasons not to let it go. A fourth one was unexpectedly a 222 (with a free-arm), so that was different enough to justify. When I found a fifth, on a second-hand site in Geneva, I decided to spread the love. It will go to a loving home very soon, after I’ve cleaned, oiled and polished it. And maybe changed the plug. And the thread pin. But perhaps not, because if I do all that, then I might get too attached to her… So maybe the solution now is to find or buy them to share, then organise a day of care with each new owner? Yes?



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