The First Meeting of the Club

The Swiss Featherweight Club held its first meeting in July 2018. Ok, so it was only three of us and six machines, and one member was only 9, but still: it can count as the official launch party, can’t it? There was meant to be one more person, but she was afraid she might melt in the heatwave, so sensibly stayed home.



Tinkering and sewing with old machines is my new superpower. It’s the only superpower that you can learn. You can too! — JJ

How many is too many?

My office / sewing room is starting to fill up with little black boxes…

I started with one 221 machine, which was then joined by two. A third one I could justify: I was going to sell it. But then I couldn’t face it, and found reasons not to let it go. A fourth one was unexpectedly a 222 (with a free-arm), so that was different enough to justify. When I found a fifth, on a second-hand site in Geneva, I decided to spread the love. It will go to a loving home very soon, after I’ve cleaned, oiled and polished it. And maybe changed the plug. And the thread pin. But perhaps not, because if I do all that, then I might get too attached to her… So maybe the solution now is to find or buy them to share, then organise a day of care with each new owner? Yes?


Gathering the gang?

It hit me a few months ago: a chance encounter in Geneva’s flea market with a small shiny machine, at a time when my large modern machine was sulking at me. I had just had to pay more than 400.- Swiss francs to have a 6-year-old Pfaff repaired, and it still didn’t sew properly. I paid much less than that to take the little black box home from the market, feeling it needed a loving home. “Oui, elle marche”, said the man on the stall, “mais je ne sais pas m’en servir”. I thought I might give it a go.

A few clicks online later that evening and I had a printed booklet, information, and a mad desire to play and sew.

Sewing with something you can learn to repair makes you feel like Superwoman. Be Superwoman. Join us. — JJ

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