Confinement Week 3

Homeschooling, working, distance teaching, trying to keep sane producing endless meals. So slow progress on sewing, but still some! Sewing in the sitting room, so not on a FW for once. The quilt top is almost done: just scrappy squares for a nurse friend working herself to the ground in the city’s University Hospital. Strange & scary times. How I wish I could see my Featherweight friends in person! Anyone up for a Zoom evening drinks sewing party?

Lockdown time

We are living odd times. Yesterday we started our period of enforced family lockdown because of the 2020 Coronavirus. So life is taking on a new pattern. Rather than just fear-scrolling down Twitter, I have started a quilt for a lovely nurse friend who works at the university hospital, suddenly the focus of all our thoughts. The cats are really helping with this…

Stay safe, stay home if you can, and sew.

Recycled clothes

Delicate shirts, skirts, stained clothes in pretty colours? The children are growing, so there are lots of things to recycle. All happy to be sewn on my Featherweights and slowly turned into quilts. I’d like this a bit bigger, so ideas for scrappy borders are welcome!

Incidentally, members keep increasing in the SFWC, so do check out the members page!

Happy sewing!

Productive weekend!

Four Featherweights, four people. Three quilts and parts of… a baby platypus. We sewed like crazy, eat biscuits & fondues, and sewed some more. Not bad for the first impromptu Swiss Featherweight ‘retreat’!

Mountain meeting

What could be sweeter than a weekend in the mountains with friends and sewing machines? Four members present, and more being slowly converted… 😁

This took place during a “Patchwork in the Peaks” event #Peaks16.

The SFWC at large

The first international meeting of the Swiss Featherweight Club took place this week in the UK, with three founding members present. Sally-the-Featherweight did a fantastic job, purring delightedly away.

Oops, another one…

I found another 1947 Featherweight that currently doesn’t sew. Time to play!

I am planning on painting it with my wonderful father-in-law who knows everything there is to know about restoring classic cars. We are both expecting that much of this knowledge will translate to these marvellous little beasties.

On another front, my husband has inherited a beautiful German Anker “Gloria” treadle. I am currently treating it for really bad woodworm, and can then get at its mechanics.

What fun projects!

We came, we sewed, we conquered

Four of us finally met up to play, conquering free motion quilting together over tea and scones. Cogs were oiled, motors were lubricated, and to my delight my new-to-me 222 that had pretty much frozen up came to life. It was fun to exchange stories and tips.

Busy Needle Quilting‘s shop owner Ms E was present and took orders for pieces we might be missing, which was wonderfully useful. It often makes sense to group orders to Switzerland, for customs and postage, so she offers a great service for finding parts, such as from the Singer Featherweight Shop in the US.

Mr Bingeley’s motor had been running sloooow when he first arrived, and lubricating it hadn’t seemed to help. Everything was covered in gunk. But presumably leaving it alone for a few weeks to soak, then trying it again, must have helped because — lo! — it now works a treat. Even if he is my most noisy machine. I suspect I ought to clean it all more carefully, but for now I celebrated his rebirth by trying out his free-motion foot. I was impressed that, contrary to what I feared, the motor didn’t heat up so much. But then I only did a small piece.

The highly-qualified furry assistants were supervising throughout…

I wonder when we will meet up next, and where?

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